Partnerships to Achieve System-Wide Impact

Partnerships to Achieve System-Wide Impact


Organizational Structure 


JDC Ashalim is an apolitical organization that works in partnership with the Israeli government, municipal and local authorities, the non-profit and business sectors, as well as with donors from Israel and around the world.


JDC Ashalim operates a number of units in aim of this effort:


  • Early Childhood: to equip parents with the tools needed for the healthy development of their young children, and to improve the quality of care/education in various early childhood frameworks.


  • Children, Youth and Young Adults: to expand opportunities for education and learning, for optimal development, skill building and the strengthening of resilience in times of crisis.


  • Community and Family: to strengthen family and community resilience circles and develop life skills.


  • Knowledge and Learning Center (MAYDA): for the development of a professional and high quality toolbox geared for professionals working in the field.



DNA Model of Social Innovation 

In Israel, JDC operates as a social incubator. Though every program is different, the process is simple: It’s DNA.

JDC creates and launches programs by first designing new solutions to existing social problems, then nurturing the program by testing, evaluating and optimizing before accelerating the program to reach a much wider population across the country.

JDC’s goal is system-wide impact. Here’s how we make it happen:



  • Identify and analyze socioeconomic problems and trends in Israeli society.
  • Map best practices in Israel and abroad.
  • Create an innovative, realistic plan for a program to address these issues.
  • Launch pilot programs in limited locations around Israel with the support of Israeli Government and local partners.


  • Test and evaluate the program to refine its effectiveness.
  • Build the infrastructure and professional capacities in locations where the program could have a serious impact.
  • Prepare to launch the refined program in locations across Israel with local partners to operate the program.


  • Assist government agencies and other partners to reproduce the program in locations nationwide.
  • Provide oversight, professional training, and program development to the local partners.
  • Offer ongoing consultation to these local partners to address new issues and ensure the continued success of the program.