Families and Communities

Families and Communities

JDC Ashalim knows that a strong family and resilient community are crucial in fostering the welfare of a child. In Israel’s weaker neighborhoods, many children, youth and young adults underperform, drop out of school, or just give up hope for the future. Likewise, an unstable family life can have negative impacts on a child's development. For families of children with disabilities, challenges that begin with taking care of their child can extend to social, employment, and domestic difficulties that effect parents and siblings. By building capacity of both families and communities, JDC Ashalim ensures that every young person can receive support and guidance from their families and communities and develops a sense of belonging.

JDC Ashalim professionals work with residents, families, local NGOs, government ministries and local municipalities to reduce the environmental risk factors that children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds face. These efforts include developing resources and programs for entire families, the development of communal spaces and activities, working with courts to address the root causes of crime with compassion, and ensuring that communities have the resources and advocacy skills to take care of their members. 


JDC Ashalim's Goals 

  • Developing solutions for families living in extreme poverty or crisis.


  • Developing innovative and unique models of support for families of children with disabilities.


  • Developing community resilience, networks and ingrained connections among residents of disadvantaged neighborhoods.


  • Providing tools, knowledge and methodologies to professionals and parents.

Programs for Families and Communities