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  • JDC Ashalim: Developing Innovative Social Services

    For Children, Youth and Young Adults at Risk


Chai 18th Anniversary Magazine
JDC Ashalim, together with award winning Israeli journalist Eliezer Yaari, created this special publication in 2016, in honor of our 18th Chai anniversary celebration. It includes extensive information on many of our programs, including personal stories from program participants.
The Jerusalem Post: Raising Children with Disabilities
To date, the Joint and the Welfare Ministry have established 45 family centers, which cater to 5,000 families throughout the country.
Ashalim conference: Creating the Tomorrow Today
Innovation, development and ways of working with children, youth and young adults at risk.
Ashalim Prize
2017 Ashalim Prize Winners
On May 9, the Ashalim Prize was awarded to pioneering initiatives or programs for children, youth and young people at risk. This year the prize was awarded to programs and / or services for children, youth and young people at risk. The winners for 2017 are Adi Kushner, Abir Badarna and the Kfar Saba Young Adults Community Center. Congratulations!


Who We Are

JDC Ashalim is a non-profit organization that works as a social R&D incubator in partnership with the Government of Israel. We develop programs and services for the advancement of children, youth and young adults at risk and their families.

Our Vision

JDC Ashalim promotes equal opportunity and mutual responsibility to ensure the welfare and well-being of children, youth, young adults and families at risk, leading them to social mobility and integration within Israeli society.

Our Mission

JDC Ashalim initiates, develops, and disseminates innovative programs in partnership with the government, local municipalities, civil society & the business sector. Our programs influence social policy and bring about change for children, youth, young adults & families at risk.